L. Jonathan Blais
About the Author

Known for keen insights and profound revelation into sound doctrine, Jonathan says that in his case true learning of scripture never began until he had completed an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor in Pastoral Ministries. Having planted two churches, written a blog for four years, and founded a Bible College, the 34 year trek of ministry experience has taken him to Central America, Europe, and North America preaching in Churches, speaking at conferences and hosting a one-hour radio program for over seven years. A deep love for the Word of God and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit has brought him now to the final stage of his ministry, which is to dedicate himself to sharing the things God has given to him through the written word and pastoral ministry. Jonathan holds duel Canadian and Mexican citizenship and is a fluent Spanish and English speaker, residing in Northen Mexico, where he pastors a church.

The Words of This Live Volume 1

— Every morning a new day dawns bringing with it a unique set of challenges and circumstances, requiring faith and wisdom to meet its needs. Jesus set the standard in His own earthly ministry embracing this distinctiveness of each day by dispersing His teaching over a wide range of topics, which equipped His followers with a broad range of wisdom and faith in a relatively short period of time. Gleaning from over 34 years of study and ministry experience, the author has developed a biblical form of arming God’s warriors against every tactic and stratagem of the enemy, while ate the same building a strong and undaunted faith. Durived from the popular blog series Verse of the Day, Volume 1 contains 61 mini-messages designed to be read Read More

Las Palabras de Esta Vida, Volume 1

Cada mañana amanece un nuevo día con un conjunto único de desafíos y oportunidades. Jesús estableció el estándar en su propio ministerio terrenal abrazando este carácter distintivo de cada día al dispersar su enseñanza en una amplia gama de temas, equipando a sus seguidores con una gama diversa de sabiduría y fe todos los días. Después de más de 34 años de estudio y experiencia en el ministerio, el autor ha desarrollado una forma bíblica de armar a los guerreros de Dios para cada táctica y estratagema del enemigo, mientras comía la misma construcción de una fe fuerte e inamovible.