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The most vital thing that must be learned is ‘how to receive from God.’ This is the one all-inclusive universal lessons that answers every individual’s need in every situation and conveys the person into an intimate relationship with God. Moreover, once one has learned how to receive from God, the possibilities are endless. He is prepared to withstand every kind of circumstance or situation, from the common needs of day-to-day life to surviving an economic collapse or even a catastrophic event. When one is capable of receiving from God, the possibilities are infinite. He is equipped to withstand and overcome all of ~ “wiles of the devil” (Ephesians 6.11). There is one term used in these verses which must be explained before we proceed any further. It is the term ‘the kingdom1 of heaven/God.’ These words seem so ostentatious to people who are not familiar with the Bible that most people, when they hear them, become confused.